Unparalleled expertise

At W. W. Rothmann, one of our key strengths is the engineering expertise of our staff members. For more than two decades, W. W. Rothmann has been making sure the HVAC, humidity control and geothermal projects we are involved in are done right, on time and on budget. Our clients have long valued our ability to match the products we sell to applications that require a high level of precision and control. More often than not, the insight and advice they have come to expect from us is integral to successful outcomes.

Deep experience

When it comes to indoor environmental challenges, there aren’t many situations we haven’t encountered. Our skills and perspective have proven valuable in both a wide range of construction settings, including hospitals, schools and colleges, commercial buildings, personal residences and more, and in a variety of applications, including heating, cooling, humidification and others.

Top tier products

Rather than have relationships with a wide array of manufacturing companies of varying quality, we prefer to be associated with those that are among the best in their categories. We think this selectivity is especially important today. It gives our clients the confidence of knowing that the manufacturers we represent take great care to engineer superior products and stand behind them.

Commitment to customer service

Projects involving heating, cooling and humidification systems often have a high degree of complexity associated with them, and we believe that puts an extra burden on us – to be proactive in our interactions with our clients, to be available and responsive as needs arise. This approach has been a part of W. W. Rothmann since our founding and frankly, we don’t know any other way of working.