Moisture Load Estimation

Whether you require added moisture or need moisture to be removed, let us help you determine exactly how much moisture your project requires. We do this every day and know where to look.

Design Capabilities

We can guide you through the technical aspects of your project, from indoor pool design to controlling a heat pump efficiently. We have literally thousands of technical projects under our belt and are happy to share reasons for their success.

Project Budgeting

Accurate and complete equipment costs are available always.

Payback Analysis

Can your project pay for itself over time? We can help to decide whether you want to use electricity or natural gas in order to deliver precise control most efficiently.

Equipment Start-Up

We are factory certified to assist with start-up supervision in every product that we sell.

After the Sale Service & Support

We are here to answer questions, assist in design changes, technical support, warranty administration and whatever else that may arise long after the equipment is operating and the project is completed.